A Towel With A Story – My Story

After a period of setbacks, I decided one day that it was time to look ahead of myself. The thought of a holiday to set things back into perspective went through my head over and over again. The radio kept playing a classic song by Madonna and I started to sing along.

Tropical the island breeze
All of nature wild and free
This is where I long to be
La isla bonita

Hearing this song I immediately knew that Ibiza was my ideal destination for the holiday.

On this sunny island I had all the time I needed to think about my life. My heart was beating faster at the idea of starting my own company. Starting something within the textile-industry appealed to me in many ways, seeing as my own family had a rich history in this industry.

But laying in a beach lounge set, the idea was going nowhere.

Arriving home and looking back on those holiday pictures I finally realised, I was literally sitting on my idea the entire time. My very own hamamtowel label!

And so, I began my adventure: MRS IBIZA – A Towel With A Story

This is my story, where does your story begin?

MRS IBIZA would like to inspire you to go out. So go and grab that MRS IBIZA towel and step into an adventure! Make Your Own Story!

With love,